North Raleigh hold on to your Mandukas!

So if you know me you know I travel around this area…a lot…to teach, take classes, and generally just vibe with the greater triangle yoga community. Pretty fun way to spend the day if I say so myself.

But boy do I have news! Until recently North Raleigh was fairly scant when it came to the yoga scene. There are a few small studios here and there, but NR is a BIG place and there wasn’t anything really drawing me to that area. Considering just how many people actually reside in there I was pretty baffled by the lack of flow.

But now I have to clamp my big mouth shut and bask in the glory of all that is good and ganeshalicious because the obstacles have been removed and Evolve Movement has opened their N.Raleigh doors. The space is gorgeous and houses not only a divine little yoga sanctuary but also pilates and gyrotonic classes and privates. I’m so excited I could spit! I mean I won’t…but I will be there more often now. In fact I’m teaching on Mondays and Sundays and i’ll be visiting for my own yoga bliss with the multi-talented teachers as much as my schedule allows.

Join me on the mat!

Mondays at 9:30 Hatha Flow 2
Sundays at 10:00 Hatha Flow All Levels

Namaste Ya’ll



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