Never trust a teacher without a teacher.

My teacher has said many things that have influenced my path on this crazy path to surrender. One that truly sticks with me is this statement “never trust a teacher without a teacher.” Essentially we are all students of life. We are all students of experience. We are all learning (whether we know it or not) from the forces around us. It is the human condition. When a “teacher” denies this and goes rogue…proclaiming themselves a guru outright or under the radar…they are disconnecting themselves from the essence of yoga–> union. After all teachers are simply students brave enough to give back a little of their experience. We teachers aren’t gods, we are PEOPLE and we go through just as much hoopla and shenanigans as our students. The difference is we have learned, or are in the process of learning, how to wrap the $h1t in grace and compassion rather than judgement and shame. We can giggle and let go of that which is truly secondary and breathe in to the beauty of life, and when we start to furrow the brow in an all too serious attempt at reaching “the goal” we eventually soften and smile, realizing that we have no control anyway so why stress?! To get clarity we should probably take our stretchy butts back to the drawing board, commune with our yoga community and get that perspective from someone maybe a little further on the journey.

Maybe I should change the title to “Never trust a teacher that takes themselves too seriously.”

That being said, I should probably bring a little balance into the equation…being a yogi and all.

I’m not saying that yoga is all giggles and smiles and that any yogi, teacher or otherwise, that experiences turmoil in life is not trustworthy. If that is what you got from the last paragraph I guess I’ve got some s’plainin’ to do :-0

Here is the thang. Life is full of bumps. Some of them are gravel in the road and some of them are the mountain. Yoga teaches us that pain is inevitable. We all experience it (mental, physical, emotional)…what is optional is suffering. Coming to the mat brings us back to the essence as we ground ourselves down and lift our hearts high. Recognizing, observing the obstacle and breathing space around it. All yogis will eventually do this and teachers will go to their teachers to deepen that awareness on the mat and off. Teachers help us to connect with our light and see the barriers to balance. So if a teacher doesn’t have a teacher then they have no one to guide them yogically through the hard times, no one to bring their minds and hearts back to the union and out of the suffering of seperation. These folks inevitably dump their junk enegetically and otherwise on their students, often without even knowing it. It’s pretty hard to hold space for a group of practitioners if you don’t have your own two feet on the floor. Back to point A. Never trust a teacher without a teacher.

In the end it’s all about finding balance. The balance of work to ease on the mat (sukha and sthira) and life. Experiencing the joy along with the pain. The duality. Not seperate but side by side.

Breathe in, Breathe out ya’ll




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