A yogis guide to letting go

The human experience is a riddle to most. Grief skims the waters alongside joy, turmoil alongside calm, beauty next to

breathe in and learn, breathe out and let go

ugliness. The duality of our existence shows up everywhere we turn. It isn’t one or the other, it is both/and. The problem with duality is that it can be seen not so much as a beautiful anomaly, but more of a separation. Seane Corn speaks of this from a mystic point of view when discussing the role of the victim.  When we see those around us that “do us wrong” as the victimizer and ourselves as the victim we are simply allowing a sense of hierarchy and separation that is a cest-pool for suffering. The key to letting this victim role go is to see everyone that comes into our lives regardless of their role as an angel in our experience. Their role is to help us learn, to uncover, to DIScover, the self. If we can see our over imposing co-worker as a guide to the study of patience, our demeaning boss as a guide to source of strength within, our easily angered friend as a guide to finding empathy and discernment then these relationships turn from a hierarchal one to one of karma influenced education…

When we see this dynamic for what it is truly meant to be then we see the layers of the soul unfolding one petal at a time. We learn not only to see the beauty in ourselves, but to seek the beauty in others even in the most triggering of circumstances.

So how does this apply to the mat?

The application of the work we do on our mat and it’s influence to how we move in the world can be summed up in this piece of wisdom…

‎”If you can let go of something, anything, and keep your alignment, you didn’t need it to begin with.” ~~Erich Schiffmann ♥ (thanks Leilani for reminding me of this)

Essentially, as we move on our mats we find asana and transitions that can sometimes feel “stuck.” We could be practicing this same pose for years and then one day it seems to disintegrate right before our very eyes. Our bodies clench up, or a disconnect occurs. In my experience 99/100 times there is an emotional body connection to these events. This is where the work comes in… as we meditate on our experience and work to seek the source. Breathing in compassion and grace and breathing out to release…LET THE DAMN THING GO. It takes as long as it is supposed to take for this to occur but once it does the body reconnects, standing strong, open and wise…ready to move on to the next.

So the guide to letting go is simple. Get on your mat, learn from your inner guide, and take what you learn out into the world. And speaking to the dualistic nature of our existence…take what you learn from the world and bring it to this space. Practice letting go on AND off the mat. Integrate the two. And do it all with empathy NOT sympathy(both for yourself and others). This is the glory of yoga. This is the glory of life.

Sat Nam (ya’ll 😉 )


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