Simple Vinyasas to Unlock the Hips and release some emotional baggage

Warrior Transition

Warrior I- scissor thighs, tailbone into body, heart reaches up to sky

transition back and forth to bring awareness to the rotation of the hip joint allowing for the movement to become organic and fluid.

Warrior II- Reach from Heart to fingertips, tailbone to crown.


Skandasana Vinyasas

High Skandasana to front

goddess squats- goal post arms, toes in line with knees

high skandasana- feet planted, hips half way dropping

Move fluidly between malasana to skandasana or surpass malasana altogether keeping the hips low to the ground. Also an option to take it to LOW skandasana instead keeping the bent knee’s heel flat to the floor. If the ankle restricts this from occurring keep the hips a little higher to avoid compromising alignment.


Hip Mandala

3 legged dog stacked hips, bent knee reaches up, heel to bum

Exhale knee to chest to complete hip roll

3 Legged Dog- square hips. energy from fingers to heel

Roll knee out towards triceps while maintaining down dog posture and engaged core muscles. Inhale for the extension of the leg to 3 legged dog and exhale to roll and pull the knee to chest.


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