Triangle Teacher Spotlight: Jen Bluestone RYT

Talk about a shining light! Jen Bluestone, Director of Yoga Programming for Evolve Movement in Raleigh is just that. Just try to go to one of her prana flow style vinyasa classes and leave with a frown. Impossible. Seriously….Bask in her warmth and find the mirror to the soul that allows you to see just how beautiful you truly are! 

Jen’s Bio:
Jennifer Bluestone grew up in continuous motion…swim-team, ballet, basketball; anything to keep moving. Jen was always exploring new fitness programs: step aerobics, kick boxing, etc. And then, Jen found yoga. A regular yoga student at her local gym, Jen’s interest grew. She began to practice Ashtanga and follow videos at home. When Jen’s mother became sick with cancer in 2003, yoga became her stress management. “I went from the physical practice and crossed over to rolling out my mat because it taught me to be present, find peace and calm. I was hooked.” Jen found the amazing, inspiring Carson Efird at a sweet little studio called Yogasana South in 2007 (now Evolve Movement) and was amazed by how much further her practice developed. During this time, Jen had two little girls and began to explore ways for them to reap the benefits of yoga as well. To this end, Jen enrolled in a kid’s yoga training and began children’s yoga program at Evolve Yoga. Jen recently completed her RYT-200 with Carson Efird(2010) and is a CYKF (Certified YogaKids Facilitator) as well completing Karma Kids Training and Mini Yogis Training.

Jen completely enjoys her new career path. “Nothing I have done professionally can touch how much I love what I do now! I forget where I am when I teach. And I mean that in the best way possible! It as if the world outside stops and everyone in the room is completely connected for that time period…through breath, through asana, through laughter. And the feeling is the same whether I teach children or adults…I walk out feeling so fortunate that I am able to spark the excitement of yoga in someone else, pass along the intrigue, share in the moment.”

“The kids give me so much energy and joy. We play and have lots of fun, but we spend time learning too. The best part is how much I learn from them. We might be doing a particular animal pose and one of them shouts out a fact about that animal that I never know. I am astounded every class by how much they know and how creative they are. The namaste and hugs at the end of the class are just the icing on the cake!” Jen’s favorite quote: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” Oscar Wilde



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