Basic Low Flow

So I got a lot of good feedback on the original “Low Flow Bliss” article I wrote so I thought i’d share a more basic low flow that one can use on your mat to connect to the breath and open your vinyasa practice. Depending on how quickly or how much you do this little sequence you can build a bit of heat to open the muscles up for more…

Let me know your thoughts and requests 🙂

Namaste, Ya’ll


1. Start in Child's Pose: HIps to heels arms stretched out

1. Inhale to Rise up on the knees: engage tailbone down towards knees, heart up, shoulders back and down

3. Exhale Roll through table from child's pose to drop hips in a modified up dog

4. Inhale to up dog: belly lifted, tailbone into the body, shoulders back and away from ears

5. Exhale Roll back through table to prepare...

6. Complete Exhale in Downward Dog

7. Inhale Roll back to table

8. Exhale to child's pose and repeat

REPEAT to your little heart’s desire

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