Teacher Spotlight: Carrington Razook Jackson

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who could truly see you? You know the type…the kind of person who looks deep into your soul without needing to even speak. That’s the lovely Carrington (“C”) Razook Jackson, Vinyasa Flow teacher extraordinnaire at Blue Lotus in Raleigh. Walks soft but carries a rather big spiritual stick.

The thing about Carrington is she can have you resting in eka pada koundinyasana sliding in to mayurasana after about 47,000 chatarungas and STILL have you opening more to Grace. I wonder if that is her middle name?

Her classes are a serious physical challenge, yet somehow still accessible to all BECAUSE they embody the yoga from all angles and perspectives. She lives and breaths it without being pretentious. And yes, she does wear “the lulu,” read Vogue, and sometimes jams out to Gaga in class, but these little trinkets are more endearing and lovely little bits of her personality, a beautiful representation of balance, rather than a means to make her class and image more trendy.

Want to join me? I’m a religious regular at her Friday morning all levels at the blue! I’d love to flow, breathe, and spin around in the vortex of peace and grace with you.

Namaste ya’ll,




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