You can’t trick the universe…

You can’t trick the universe into giving you what you want by pretending to be at peace with how things are, by imitating what you think it would look like to be fully present where you are, all the while looking over your shoulder to see if some higher power has noticed and is about to deliver you from where you are and put you where you really want to be. ~~Oriah Mountain Dreamer โ™ฅ

Thank you to another lovely Raleigh yogi/teacher, Leilani Walker, for bringing my attention to this quote. It sums up a lot of what i’ve been feeling, pondering, percolating on lately.

As a teacher of “the yoga” I often feel that students see me in the light of someone who is enlightened, self-actualized, ethereal, living up in the happy clouds with the gods and the carebears ๐Ÿ˜‰ …and when I see this I do my very best to kindly express gratitude for the viewpoint while letting them know just how far from reality that little assumption is. Why do I teach? Because I love it. Does that mean i’m perfect? Hell-to-the-NO. In fact, being a teacher i’m faced with my imperfections more than the average bear (get it “Yogi”? oh never mind…) because i’m constantly meditating, flowing, and chanting my way to more and more acceptance of these little reminders of my humanity. Baby steps forward, toddler steps back…and the like. So when students see me with the proverbial halo over my head, it can both boost the ego (not good) or make me feel fraudulent (also not good) because i’m feeling like i’ve tricked the universe into seeing me the way I want to be, not the way I am quite yet. Lessons to be learned? Oh so many…but lets start here.

Who am I?

your mirror, your teacher

Who are you?

my mirror, my teacher

Who are we?

reflections of each other, each others teachers, each others students

What is inside of us…you know way underneath all of the shoulds/shouldn’ts, and to-dos, and self judgements?

Beauty, grace, little bits of God

Have I fooled anyone?


Have you fooled anyone?

Most likely not

Is there room to grow, explore, observe, and let go?

Always, Always, ALWAYS…that’s the beauty of life ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace be with you. Namaste Ya’ll



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