lululemon … why I adore Raleigh’s fitness fashionistas

I can’t help myself. I adore lululemon apparel. It’s sleek, comfortable, super damn cute, and more than just clothing. It’s community. Authentic community. A company that actually cares about doing more than selling “black stretchy pants” for profit?! Whodathunkit?

Now I know i’m gonna get some of you all in a hizzy by saying this. You may be thinking”What kind of yogini is this chick? How can she support a company that so obviously exploits the yoga community for profit? What a mess this girl must be! How easily swayed by pretty colors, trendy cuts, and a boutique atmosphere she is!”

And I hear you, but I politely (I am southern after all) have to differ with ya on this one. The thing is they ARE a company, therefore they DO have to make a profit, just like ALL companies strive to do. The beautiful thing about Lululemon though is that they do more than just make pretty clothes. They create awareness around a better, healthier, more aware lifestyle through community. Come to your favorite yoga, pilates, cross fit, functional fitness, bootcamp, purebarre class and chances are you’ll see a group of these lovely ladies and gents grunting, sweating, and “OMing” right along side of you. They make money so they can be in the community, connecting people, creating enthusiasm around fitness, fun and connectivity.

As a yogi I value this connection. Yoga does mean union after all. Union in the sense that we strive to connect our ownbody, mind and soul…but also that we aim to connect with the rest of the world. Events like Salutation Nation (coming up September 10!) where hundreds of yogis and non-yogis alike will gather and share in the collective positive energy of a community to practice under one sky…BEAUTIFUL! And yes, lululemon will sell clothing. But they’ll do more than that. They’ll effect positive change in the community by getting more and more people out to check out the positivity connected to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Oh and the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel hill area just happens to be blessed with some really amazing educators at the Raleigh branch (opening a full store at North Hills in a month!). If you haven’t met them please do! You’ll love them! Super sweet, dedicated to empowering the community, and constantly cultivating good energy.

Local bloggers and healthy living folks (myself included) with the lulu-lovelies

Give an open mind a chance ya’ll, You may fall in love with more than just the luon (although it’s kind of unbeatable).


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6 responses to “lululemon … why I adore Raleigh’s fitness fashionistas

  1. Awesome post, I agree! I can’t wait for North Hills to open…so excited for tons of product and fun! Looking forward to see you again in the near future!! I need to go to your class at blue point!

  2. Jennifer

    See you Sunday love! P.S. you’re post is now linked to mine. Holla’ back triangle 😉

  3. Great meeting you this weekend and thanks for the link love! Hopefully we’ll meet again at the new store opening 🙂

  4. Totally agree LOVE LOVE LOVE my Lulu and the girls in Raleigh. I am putting your blog in my reader now so I can keep up. I love to blog and there have been a few posts about how I love Lulu but my blog is more about me being crafty. How great that you can go running or do yoga and then go have lunch with your kiddies at school and still be put together!!! And since I am a massage therapist I can work in my Lulu too 🙂 GREAT POST!!

    • Jennifer

      Sue Ann, i’m so excited to announce that i’m going to be a full-time educator for lululemon. What a nice way to balance out my yoga teaching schedule and remain active in the community! Maybe i’ll run into you at the new store when it opens in October!

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