the Body Builder (in the) Ballerina

how do you like that Alliteration 😉

Teacher Spotlight: Margot Martin

Margot Martin has been immersed in the art of movement for 22 years. She has studied ballet, modern, jazz, and hip-hop with numerous well-known teachers throughout her career. Her professional career has carried her to stages across America, Europe, and the Pacific rim. Most recently, Margot retired from the stage after performing with the Carolina Ballet as a soloist for 13 seasons. Her innate understanding of the mind-body connection led her to become a certified Yoga instructor in 2005. Through her 5 years of teaching Yoga locally, she has earned her reputation as both a challenging and compassionate instructor. Margot has also been teaching beginner to advanced ballet nationally and locally in the Raleigh-Durham area to children, teens, and adults for nearly 10 years. Her love of movement, music, and good old fashioned hard work led to the creation of The Ballet Burn. After years of dealing with the critical world of ballet, Margot has found a new passion in making others feel good about their bodies starting from the inside out. She is committed to helping others achieve health and happiness through creative movement, total body awareness, and positive intentions.

So that is her bio. and it’s awesome. but…

you sort of HAVE to meet her to GET just how awesome she is. Just try to be around this chick and NOT smile. I double dog dare you (there’s that alliteration again, oh oh! and a ref to the pic… i’m just crackin’ myself up today 😉 ).

When I first heard she was a professional ballerina I was, I admit it, a little intimidated. There is just something about those tutus and toe shoes that throw a whole n’other egg in the basket. But woah was I surprised.

When I met Margot I immediately felt like i’d known her for a loooong time. She just has that effect on people. She makes you feel safe while you’re laughing your arse off and ready to throw your foam block at her pretty little grin for making you hold an elevated toe stand for 47 minutes (yes yes exaggeration, sort of). The smile is ridiculously contagious, and when it opens up to show the pearly whites, ringing out that golden giggle you just can’t help yourself. It’s the MM spell it ’tis.

In all seriousness though, Margot has a gift. A gift of taking all the disciplines she has so skillfully studied and integrating them together to give her students an energetic, innovative, and highly effective workout (body, mind and soul).

Check her out at Blue Lotus on Thursday mornings at 9:30 for Warrior Hour. The Warrior Hour will help you tap into your inner warrior finding the power to build strength while maintaining flexibility and a conscious breath. Hence the Body Builder Ballerina. Lithe, Graceful, Gorgeous…Buff, Strong, Kick-your-asana awesome.

“The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination.” ~ Maya Angelou

Namaste ya’ll,


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