2011’s greatest hits from Cafe Ganesha

A quick wrap up of this past year’s favorite posts…you know, just in case you missed one 😉

Just plain cute: Daily Dose of Self Empowerment

One that is near and dear to my heart and, well, my belly is “Is skinny on the path to enlightenment” –including a full on call to action to release the samskara of self loathing for that of self love in all it’s forms. If you have ever had an issue with weight, eating issues, eating disorders, or even just a glance in the mirror that went to H-E-double hockey sticks then this one is a great little reminder. and on a more solemn note: Finding Grace out of Grief

Reminding us that happiness, joy and love are ALWAYS an option for the present moment is “Happiness is the mode of travel…”

Back to the basics: the stability and the ease “Why you need a teacher in your life”

Simple but sweet- Hello..my name is uh, I forgot… Get out of your own way

One of my personal favorite memories this year summed up sweetly in “put some glitter on it”

Finally closing out my favorite posts with The Asana of it all:

Sync Flow-strength and balance

Blue Point Flow– heart opening

Advanced back bending



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