Soundtrack to a happy life

If you know me you know that, while I love a contemplative sans-music practice, if you are coming to my class there will usually be tunes involved. Lots and lots of tunes. In fact, I think Spotify, yogitunes, yoganonymix etc. have only enhanced my addiction to creating playlists. I can spend hours sitting on the computer of my iPhone creating these little mixes. There are worse things right?

Out of my obsession I bequeath unto you, dear reader, the must have tunes for a happy practice and a happy life from the past years playlist shenanigans (OK there are so many more but I’m giving myself a 10 minute time limit to choose)…Here goes.

Breathe in Breathe Out: Mat Kearney/ all I can say is aaaaaaahhhhhhh

Miracle (acoustic version): Matisyahu/ keep on moving through all this hustle. It’s a miracle we are here!

The Silent Awakening: Tina Malia/ Ok admittedly a few years old, but every time I hear her sweet voice and the instrumentation of this song I just want to let my body breathe with unbridled joy. We are love offered on the wing that stretches across eternity…we are the silent awakening.

The Mountain: Trevor Hall/ He’s my new lyrical crush and the clapping and simple good vibrations are enough to make your heart open up and grin.

Amazing: One eskimO/ Title says it all. I’ll leave the listening up to your hearts.

Gloria: Michael Franti/ Sing it out my man…i’m happy to be alive.

Telling the World-Rio Pop Mix: Tao Cruz/ Up tempo beats with a shiny and heart pumping shellac

Shake it Out: Florence and the Machine/ Why I don’t mind if I do, shake it…just a little bit 😉 It’s always darkest before the dawn…shake it out!

Good Feeling: Flo Rida/ Poppy beats with one message. Get that Good Feelin’ and let it be where you live from.

Elephant Power-J Boogies Dubtronic-MC Yogi/ just because I love some obstacle removal up in this piece… and really, who doesn’t love MCY on their soundtrack?

Peace Train: Yusuf Islam/ someday it’s gonna come…why can’t we live in bliss?

Let the Sun Shine Through: Avasa & Matty Love/ Come on now and shine your light

Awake My Soul: Mumford and Sons/ Allow that light inside of you awaken. Let go of the suffering, let the laughter rise, the pain depart.

Calgary: Bon Iver/ Feel the sweet warm wind brushing your skin as you sink back and take it all in.

Free Fallin’: John Mayer/ let gravity take you over and you’ll hit that savasana willing, able, and ready

So take them…create your own Jubilant soundtrack with your own fav jams. Let me know how you weave them in to the rhythm of your life. Most importantly let your spirit sing it out!

on the ones and twos…J-sizzle out 😉


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