Aligning your chakras for awareness

Just a quick post today…but something that, while not super entertaining, is definitely useful…

Many yogis (yours truly included) are guilty of denying their practices two things: sufficient centering at the beginning of practice and pranayama (yogic breathing exercises). This easy to incorporate exercise takes no longer than 5 minutes and not only will it get you centered, but it will also align your energetic channels.

Here are the steps:

After a nice long “AUM” or round of mantra/chant of choice, close your eyes and using visualization and intention direct 5 deep ujjayi breaths to each of the following areas in this order:

  1. muladhara- base of the spine/the root
  2. swadhistana- sacral chakra
  3. manipura- solar plexus
  4. anahata-heart chakra
  5. vishudda-throat chakra
  6. ajna- brow chakra
  7. sahasrara- crown of the head

Every time you transition from one to the next imagine the energy you’ve collected in the previous chakra igniting the energetic channels in the next location. Once you are finished open your eyes and focus your drishti on a point in front of you and continue the breathing while you move into your opening postures. Believe me, this simple exercise will open up new doors for you and your practice :)

It is also interesting before softening into savasana at the end of your practice to do this same activity in reverse…effectively drawing your energy to the root of your spine, a very grounding and relaxing activity.

Om Shanti,



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