Heather Tiddens: On the motivation to teach and learn

So if you are a Facebook friend you have seen my enthusiasm about this weekend’s workshop series with Heather Tiddens. Her yin-yang approach to yoga is always a special treat and every session I leave feeling that much more connected to my body, my breath, and my purpose as a teacher and as a student of life.

Heather’s styling is both therapeutic and empowering, strong and subtle, grounded and light. The epitome of sukha and sthira in action. Her presence is strong, connected, open and inviting. Her words are clear, wise, and accessible. She is sure of herself in a way that i’ve only experienced in a few teachers. Weaving in pranayama, yang asana, yin asana, meditation, anatomical informatio

n, energetic work and so much more in to her teaching she guides her classes on a journey of self exploration through all of the fabrics of the body and spirit. While I will never be her I strive to be as connected as her…although I assume she may ask me why i’m striving at all instead of softening in to the experience and finding the strength within. 😉

Take aways from the journey (off the top of my sleepy head):

  • Instead of going deeper, soften in to the experience. See what that shift feels like.
  • The core of your body is more than just your abdominal muscles its the inner fabric (fascia) around the joints, the muscles, the bones as well.
  • Speaking of core: get over your “shit,” do agni sara (with Udhiyana bhanda) daily, naked, in front of the mirror. Learn to love your body and your belly because it’s awesome. Also how will you ever feel comfortable with who you are without loving the seat of your strength?
  • Find your feet. Even when, Nay, especially when, taking your feet off the floor finding your feet strong and active will help to bring physical and energetic awareness to your practice.
  • Notice your “quit points” (which incidentally are very different than edges)- the places where you are “a-OK” one minute and face planting the next. What changes in the body, the breath, the thoughts as this happens? How can you slow down the process of that shift so that there is more awareness? Go deeper, where does this reaction translate in your life? Can softening here, finding your inner dialogue, breathing help you in an experience in your life where you react the same way? (read…arguing with loved ones, stressing out at work, paying bills etc.)
  • on a personal note…Why yoga speaks to me and why teaching speaks to my purpose. There is a gift to share, and a gift to receive and they are both the whole answer.
  • Finally, BREATHE dammit 😉

“…such JOY, such intimacy and connection with other people…because there’s too much to just have to myself!” 🙂


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