“The only thing i’ll ever learn, is just to Love…”

So it’s the end of Valentines Day 2012. Whether it is a joyous event for you and yours or a seemingly pre-apocalyptic cry fest, it’s still here and not changing…the day where sugary treats, mass farmed roses, and goofy grins are seen everywhere, and even if all you want to do is curl up in a ball on the couch with your new beaus “Ben and Jerry” the love fest is unavoidable.

But that’s the thing isn’t it. Even if you have no “One” right now to share a romantic flick and candlelit dinner with, the day is still here, and so is the love (as it is every day). It’s all about how you channel it, and your perspective around it. My teacher and I were having a conversation just yesterday about channeling awareness and prana around parts of the body that no longer exist or are “broken”: think hysterectomy, intestinal surgery, mastectomy, scoliosis, etc…and how the prana can still be channeled if we stop identifying with what we don’t have and start identifying with the beauty of what we do. Years ago I had surgery due to Crohn’s disease and the havoc it took on my body, and as a result I am missing some big peices of my digestive tract. For a long time I have struggled with finding abdominal and low belly awareness (2nd and third chakra) because of that loss and my identification as a Crohn’s sufferer/recoverer/survivor instead of a human being with a past, future and PRESENT. We talked about how when I lost these peices I didn’t lose the potential for awareness, just the piece I had identified with. I simply needed to find a new peice to identify with, one that dwells in a deeper, more truthful place.

This applies directly to love. Especially on Valentine’s day we identify ourselves by our relationships, or lack thereof. What would happen though if we stopped focusing on what relationship we don’t have, or what doesn’t exist in our relationship currently; if we focused on the beauty of what we already possess and allowed that to cultivate what we need and want? Interesting concept eh? So…try it… and while you are at it  make a vow to stop forcing yourself to have either a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or a miserable one how about a GENUINE ONE. Feeling what your feeling: no judgement, no apologies, just awareness…and then transforming from that place of authenticity. I’m with you on that journey today and every day. The only thing i’d like to learn this go round, is just to love myself and others…then reap the benefits of being loved in return. It’s only inevitable.

Food for thought…today, preferably in the form of chocolate 😉


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