The Answer shines from the Heart

Recently I read that the marker of a “good” teacher is that they encourage us to move from the heart, and while there are many criteria by which we categorize and label our teachers this statement sums up so much of what quality time on our mats is all about.

Physically, moving from the heart allows us to recharge our pranic battery. Continue reading


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Advanced Backbending at Blue Point

Bonus segment for the holiday Y.A.T (Yoga Around the Triangle) Series 2011

Check out this amazing bonus segment for the Heart Opening for the Holidays (HOHO) flow seen here. Warm up with the HOHO flow and then dive in to these prana building shapes with pure awareness. Please exercise caution and connectivity when doing this sequence. There is a reason the segment is 16 minutes long….in fact slow it down if you like!  Let the Shakti flow… Continue reading

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HOHO flow: Heart Opening for the HOlidays

It’s that time again! CafeGanesha is traveling around the triangle, making pit stops on the way at some amazing yoga studios and spaces, connecting with the local yogis and yoginis, and shining the spotlight on the pockets of light that shine so brightly all over our geographic area. This go ’round we are visiting Blue Point Yoga in Durham, by Duke University and Duke Medical Center for a heart opening flow specifically suited for both recharging your batteries (which admittedly may be depleted this busy time of year) as well making space for compassion, grace, introspection and honesty. “Opening your heart” to these ideas implies both receptivity to love and intimacy in our relationships with ourselves, our friends, our family, and the world at large.

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Why I blog…

Digging out the origins of my fears were inconsequential next to creating experiences for myself that countered them.

For so long in my life I held my voice in. I shyed away from controversy from dialogue of any kind actually around what I believed in and what I had to say. I did it for so long that I began to feel disconnected from what I had inside of me to begin with. Conformity was becoming my personality. So what did I do? I acted out, subconsciously, on myself. A raging eating disorder became the last straw that threatened to bury who I was at the core for good. And then…light, then love, then yoga. Continue reading


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Sometimes it takes setting yourself free to truly come HOME

This is an especially emotional post tonight folks.

You know those moments where the universe opens up and says “so umm, I see you’ve been ignoring my subtle hints so…new approach. I will now be showering you with hints, cues, clues, and nudges…all in one moment! I’ll make you understand!” ? Well today was one of those days. They seem to be coming faster and faster this time of year. *sigh*

So back story: Continue reading

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Put some *Glitter* on it!

If that title didn’t make you smile then imagine it in pink sparkly letters dancing across the screen and there ya’ go…

So….shoot me….it’s been a long time. LIKE OVER A MONTH since these fingers have done the walkin’ and this blog has done any talkin’.


Any-hoo i’m back and ready to sparkle.

The holidays… ‘Nuff said right? Well not really. Continue reading

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My latest playlist obsessions

Lacking energy to explain-hoping you download and flow to them (possibly using the latest CG video as inspiration) and see why i’m totally obsessed with these tunes for yourself.

trip-to-matic brush strokes

"Will you be my"-lo xyloto inspired

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Pull your head out of your asana

Today I was demo-ing a fun transition from crow-tripod headstand-crow in my advanced class. This is a transition that makes an appearance fairly regularly in my own practice but not one I’ve demoed in this class before. I was trying to talk, slow down the transition so students could observe the stacking of the bones and low belly lift when *kurplunck* on the way out of sirsasana and back in to bakasana it happened…the dreaded face plant. I have a fairly sore chin to prove it too. Of course I made light and drew attention back to the flow but it definitely made the cheeks turn a rosy shade of “oh no she didn’t.”

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All things in “Sync”- Strength and balance flow

It’s here, It’s here, it’s finally here!!!

The much anticipated “Yoga around the Triangle” series is finally taking flight with the first edition hosted at Sync Studio Downtown and yours truly. This flow series is directly inspired by the active yet balanced vibe of the Sync Cycle and Yoga community and will surely help you stand stronger, taller, and more open to life’s little jewels of humility. Open up those hips, strengthen your thighs and core, and let your heart sore. Continue reading


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Spreading Seeds of Light in the City of Oaks

Team S.O.L takes on Raleigh’s health and fitness community, One chatarunga/dead lift/sprint/jog/and mountain climber at a time

Recently my coworkers and I embarked on a 10 day challenge to get out into the health, wellness, balance community and take it by storm. My direct teammate for the “race” was Maria Peterson, a local firefighter and kick-arse crossfitter. The goal was to spend as many hours as possible taking classes (especially those outside of our comfort zone), joining run clubs, hanging with peeps at local diggs and basically living a healthy, balanced, and fun life. Here are our notes on many of our adventures around this big, beautiful, balanced community. Most of the notes are a melding of our thoughts so just imagine them coming from one person instead of two 😉

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