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Super Stretchy Spinal Flow

It’s been a lovely, crazy, fulfilling, and this-life altering summer. This poor little blog has been neglected and I can’t promise that will change drastically with the months to come. I thought that in penance I should offer you a little gift so I hopped on my mac today and started to move. No plans but this came out so I hope you enjoy…

30 minutes of juicy, slow, stretchy spinal flow.
Shout Out to your upper back- the container for the other side of your heart.

(full disclaimer, my big fur-baby Olive decided she needed to be part of the show so there are some “hair ball in the throat” sounds and a few guest appearances of a furry black mug. Just go with it 😉  Also my breathing is much more exaggerated than it usually would be but sound isn’t the greatest in this room so I wanted you to be able to hear the rhythm as much as possible. Typically it’s strong but more subtle and in/out primarily through the nose )

For those of you in the Raleigh-Durham area i’m directing a new and amazing studio in Brier Creek under the name BURN Athletic. We’ll offer Yoga, Circuit Training, Cycling and BURNBlends (fusion/cross-modality classes). We’ll also have a few the Ballet Burn classes on our schedule. I really can’t express how grateful I am for this opportunity to gather an amazing community of instructors and students together in one space. I’ve come to realize even more through this journey that there is more than enough for everyone…and i’ve loved every minute, continuing to support the existing yoga and fitness community while integrating our vision into the mix. Wild Crazy Beautiful ride indeed!


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2011’s greatest hits from Cafe Ganesha

A quick wrap up of this past year’s favorite posts…you know, just in case you missed one 😉 Continue reading

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Advanced Backbending at Blue Point

Bonus segment for the holiday Y.A.T (Yoga Around the Triangle) Series 2011

Check out this amazing bonus segment for the Heart Opening for the Holidays (HOHO) flow seen here. Warm up with the HOHO flow and then dive in to these prana building shapes with pure awareness. Please exercise caution and connectivity when doing this sequence. There is a reason the segment is 16 minutes long….in fact slow it down if you like!  Let the Shakti flow… Continue reading

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Put some *Glitter* on it!

If that title didn’t make you smile then imagine it in pink sparkly letters dancing across the screen and there ya’ go…

So….shoot me….it’s been a long time. LIKE OVER A MONTH since these fingers have done the walkin’ and this blog has done any talkin’.


Any-hoo i’m back and ready to sparkle.

The holidays… ‘Nuff said right? Well not really. Continue reading

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All things in “Sync”- Strength and balance flow

It’s here, It’s here, it’s finally here!!!

The much anticipated “Yoga around the Triangle” series is finally taking flight with the first edition hosted at Sync Studio Downtown and yours truly. This flow series is directly inspired by the active yet balanced vibe of the Sync Cycle and Yoga community and will surely help you stand stronger, taller, and more open to life’s little jewels of humility. Open up those hips, strengthen your thighs and core, and let your heart sore. Continue reading


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lululemon … why I adore Raleigh’s fitness fashionistas

I can’t help myself. I adore lululemon apparel. It’s sleek, comfortable, super damn cute, and more than just clothing. It’s community. Authentic community. A company that actually cares about doing more than selling “black stretchy pants” for profit?! Whodathunkit?

Now I know i’m gonna get some of you all in a hizzy by saying this. You may be thinking”What kind of yogini is this chick? How can she support a company that so obviously exploits the yoga community for profit? What a mess this girl must be! How easily swayed by pretty colors, trendy cuts, and a boutique atmosphere she is!”

And I hear you, but I politely (I am southern after all) have to differ with ya on this one. The thing is they ARE a company, therefore they DO have to make a profit, just like ALL companies strive to do. The beautiful thing about Lululemon though is that they do more than just make pretty clothes. They create awareness around a better, healthier, more aware lifestyle through community. Come to your favorite yoga, pilates, cross fit, functional fitness, bootcamp, purebarre class and chances are you’ll see a group of these lovely ladies and gents grunting, sweating, and “OMing” right along side of you. They make money so they can be in the community, connecting people, creating enthusiasm around fitness, fun and connectivity.

As a yogi I value this connection. Yoga does mean union after all. Union in the sense that we strive to connect our ownbody, mind and soul…but also that we aim to connect with the rest of the world. Events like Salutation Nation (coming up September 10!) where hundreds of yogis and non-yogis alike will gather and share in the collective positive energy of a community to practice under one sky…BEAUTIFUL! And yes, lululemon will sell clothing. But they’ll do more than that. They’ll effect positive change in the community by getting more and more people out to check out the positivity connected to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Oh and the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel hill area just happens to be blessed with some really amazing educators at the Raleigh branch (opening a full store at North Hills in a month!). If you haven’t met them please do! You’ll love them! Super sweet, dedicated to empowering the community, and constantly cultivating good energy.

Local bloggers and healthy living folks (myself included) with the lulu-lovelies

Give an open mind a chance ya’ll, You may fall in love with more than just the luon (although it’s kind of unbeatable).


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